Chelsea Community Trail: Noxious and Invasive Plant Survey

Chelsea Community Trail: Noxious and Invasive Plant Survey

girl kneeling on edge of gravel road with clipboardOur summer student, Celeste Landon, performed a survey of noxious and invasive plants along the Chelsea Community Trail.

Celeste Landon is an environemntal science student at Simon Fraser University. As such, she is very well suited for this task. Celeste walked the entire 21 km length of this trail. She took GPS coordinates and various statistics at each incidence of a noxious plant.


Plant Type

A sample of her data and some preliminary results are Noxious Plants – Top 5 Highest Incidence Rate

shown. A final report will be available in October. This report will use the results of this study to recomend management practices.


Incidence Incidence

per km

Gout Weed Aegopodium podagraria

Manitoba Maple Acer negundo

This is a joint project between Sentiers Wakefiled Trails, Sentiers Chelsea Trails, and Voie Verte Chelsea.

Mean Area Per Patch

Buckthorn Frangula alnus

Coverage per km

Poison Ivy Toxicodendron radicans 101 Purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicaria


Common 1.5


Stinging Nettles Urtica dioica

Japanese knotweed Reynoutria japonica


Ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia


12 81.4

Note: These are preliminary results. A final report will be available in October 2020. 


29 Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia

39 sq m Dog Strangling Vine Vincetoxicum rossicum

25130.6 0.4

Poison Ivy

Purple Loosestrife

Virginia Creeper

Common Ragweed




51 sq m

248 sq m

49 sq m

108 sq m 1.9

1 628 sq m

2 999 sq m 1 461 sq m

2 195 sq m 905 sq m

1 273 sq m 35 sq m 1.2

17 sq m

20 sq m 11 sq m

7 sq m 2 475 sq m

1 320 sq m 81 sq m

31 sq m


Pandemic Babies on the Trail

Pandemic Babies on the Trail

My husband Geoff and I first started talking about moving to Chelsea after looking and looking for a home in Ottawa and realizing that maybe we wanted more than city living. Our friends Lydia and Felix have lived here for years and we would always come out for their legendary Halloween party and to hike in Gatineau Park. When I discovered I was pregnant last September the house hunt was on as our tiny apartment in Westboro just wouldn’t work with a new babe on the way. Oh and guess what, Lydia was pregnant too! Chelsea was looking more and more appealing. We purchased our first home in January with a closing date of March 15th, which turned out to be the peak of the COVID pandemic. Moving out to the woods couldn’t have come at a better time.

Moving while 7 months pregnant during a global pandemic came with its stressors, but we settled into our new space nicely and it immediately felt like home. We were delighted to have direct access to the neighbourhood trails right from our very own backyard. I went for several slow walks, waddling my way up and down the roots and rocks. Geoff took up the COVID friendly activity of trail running and soon had a mental map built up of all the loops and routes we could hike.

Lydia had her little boy Frankie in mid April, and our little Juniper was born at the end of May. COVID and our very pregnant states made it difficult to meet up before the babies, but as soon as we were both feeling up to it our mission was to figure out how our houses connected via the community trails. Coordinating newborn schedules and nap times was a challenge, but we both aimed to leave our houses at the same time and walk towards each other. Fifteen minutes later, babies strapped to us and already asleep, we met by the hockey ponds off of Musie Loop. That was easy!

We continued to hike to each other every week, showing each other the ways to our homes. Lydia shared her favourite loops around her house and I showed her what I had learned of mine so far. Endless little trails to explore and discover as we chatted all things baby, motherhood and raising little ones in the new world. Our hikes and these community trails became a safe haven from COVID, a space where we could walk with ease among the trees. Where you can pass your neighbours with a friendly bonjour/hello and not worry about that big scary virus. We’ve watched the seasons change from spring to summer to fall and as we head into winter we know it will always be safe to meet up on the trails with our little pandemic babies.

Story courtesy of Emily Wilfong

Mark your calendar 

Mark your calendar 

The Annual General Meeting of Sentiers Chelsea Trails (SCT) will take place on Monday, April 6th, at 7pm, at the Farm Point Community Centre.
You are cordially invited to join us for a presentation of current and future SCT projects in all sectors of our community.

2020 Chelsea Ski Challenge

2020 Chelsea Ski Challenge

Dear SCT friends,

Mark your calendars: January 26 is the date for the Chelsea Ski Challenge under the banner of “Winter Fun Days.” It’s an opportunity to celebrate the Winter Community Trail. You are invited to come out and enjoy some skiing, walking, fat biking, or snow shoeing on the Community Trail from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

There will be introduction to cross country skiing workshops for children and adults at the CLSC building, 490 Route 105.  More detailed information on activities, times and places will soon be available on the municipality’s website ( and SCT website (

Volunteers needed

In the meantime, we need some volunteers to help us on Sunday, January 26. Following are some of the many tasks to be performed: managing traffic at access points, welcoming skiers and other participants, serving beverages and snacks, building snow tracks on roads for skiers, setting up and dismantling of installations at access and activity points. If you can come out for a few hours on January 26th, please email Lyse Huot at [email protected] Thank you in advance!

Guided Trail Walk, in Collaboration with Chelsea Trails

Guided Trail Walk, in Collaboration with Chelsea Trails

In the context of Chelsea Days, the Municipality of Chelsea invites you to a guided trail walk activity, organized in collaboration with Chelsea Trails. This guided trail walk will take place on June 1st, 2019.

Approximately 5.3 km in length, the walk is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. at McNally Park, in the Chelsea Park neighbourhood. Participants of all ages are welcome. A representative of Chelsea Trails will guide the walkers. This activity could take around one hour and a half to two hours, depending on each person’s pace.

Thank you in advance for your participation, which will enable you to experience the trails that have been built in Ward 2 of our Municipality. Since the trails run along the lines of residential properties, please ensure that you stay within the limits of the paths and keep noise low as you pass close by to homes and decks. (more…)

AGM highlights more trails, more active transport

AGM highlights more trails, more active transport

On April 15, Chelsea Trails kicked off their spring trail building season at the AGM with a call for more volunteers to help carry out the ambitious plans for this year’s trails. With 5 trail building projects in the works in the north of the village, centre village and Musie ponds, more helping hands are needed.  To mark our first volunteer win of the season, we are delighted to welcome Tifenn Vialatte and Nic Hinsperger to the board.

The active living and transport file is another priority. SCT is fundraising for the environmental studies move forward with the Municipality to establish a north-south active transportation corridor ( or multi-use trail) through Chelsea Creek safely linking the Centre Village with Gatineau and Ottawa. 


Plaisirs d’hiver – 20 janvier 2019

Défi ski de Chelsea – Plaisirs d’hiver

Au cours des quatre dernières années, la célébration  du sentier hivernal, maintenant connue sous le nom de Défi Ski de Chelsea, a connu des cieux ensoleillés avec des sentiers glacés, une pluie froide et verglaçante. Et puis cette année, malgré des températures glaciales sous les -25C, les conditions de ski étaient très bonnes grâce à la nouvelle neige et l’excellent travail des dameurs. Faisant fi aux intempéries et aux avis d’engelure, les résidents de Chelsea ont démontré leur ténacité et leur endurance alors que les Montréalais annulaient leurs festivités hivernales.

Quelque 80 personnes ont relevé le Défi Ski de Chelsea ce dimanche 20 janvier et ont emprunté le sentier en skis, en raquettes, en vélo fat bike ou à pied. (more…)

2019 New Year’s Message from the Sentiers Chelsea Trails Board

2018 was a remarkable year for Sentiers Chelsea Trails. You, our volunteers, members, supporters and sponsors have been involved in projects all over Chelsea that have connected residents and neighbourhoods with nature for now and for the future.

In a rapidly changing municipality, it is vitally important to preserve existing trails wherever possible, and to look for opportunities to develop new active transportation connections. (more…)

Get ready for the Chelsea Ski Challenge

Get your friends and family out to enjoy the Chelsea Winter Community trail. If you want to join the challenge, just register at one of the access points.  No matter how far you go or whether you’re travelling on skis, your feet, snow shoes or fat bikes, everyone with a card is eligible to enter the draw and win prizes from our sponsors  Greg Christie’s Ski & Cycleworks and the  Nordik Spa-Nature.  To get involved, just pick up a card when you arrive at the trail and get it stamped when you visit one or more access points. The trail is groomed for 20 kilometers or even 40 km if you’re keen and go back and forth. Transcollines, will offer regular shuttle buses between the four major access points.  And there will be pop up snack stops along the trail where you can  fuel up on treats and hot chocolate generously provided by Les Fougères and Une Boulangerie dans un village  and Fair Trade Chelsea.

In addition to treats, you can warm up with a chili lunch Voie Verte Chelseawill be selling chili at the warm, cosy kitchen of Mill Road Community Space access point. and the Gatineau Valley Historic Society will display the interpretive panels trail history panels. (For more details on Winter Festival activities check