Over the last few years The Chelsea Ski Challenge along the old rail right of way has experienced sunny skies with icy trails, and freezing rain with slippery roads. This year dished out sub-tropical temperatures in the -25C range, wind, and ideal snow conditions on well set ski tracks.  Nevertheless, even after Montreal closed its winter celebrations because of predicted inclement weather, Chelseaites proved, yet again that they are made of sterner stuff. They ventured out in spite of weather warnings to more timid souls elsewhere.

Sunday, January 20 from 10 am to 4 pm was the time for the 2019 Chelsea Ski Challenge under the banner of the Municipality’s “Winter Fun Days.”   This year, many locals took up the Challenge on the winter community trail.   They were supported by twenty seven enthusiastic volunteers, sponsors, and municipal staff who served hot chocolate and refreshments at stations along the trail at the Cascades Club,  Kirk’s Ferry Road and Mill Road Community Space.  They even overcame the challenge of frozen hot chocolate spigots.  The fact that delicious butter tarts, brownies and other treats were devoured in their frozen state, to compensate for lost calories, only goes to show the spirit of outdoor adventure could not be quashed by mere arctic vortices.

Not all was Spartan.  Creature comforts were served this year by the addition of warming fires at the food stations, and the inclusion of heated washrooms at both the Mill Road Chelsea Community Place and Farm Point.  As usual, the reliable Transcollines shuttle worked faultlessly on a cozy bus.

Non-stop work on the Chelsea Community Trail and along the railway corridor in 2018 paid off. SCT fund raising and the 13th year of winter trail grooming has shown Chelsea tangible results.



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