On March 17, 2018, Chelsea residents will have a chance to be part of the design process for the community trail along the railway corridor. The Municipality has hired consultants to hold a design charrette for all residents on Saturday, March 17th as well as a pre-charrette meeting for residents living adjacent to the trail on March 14th.

SCT has been closely involved in the transformation of this corridor since the beginning. In 2015, SCT presented a vision document to the Municipal council and staff to propose a feasibility study.  Since that time, a lot of research and community consultations have occurred allowing us to refine our original vision. Here is our revised,  fleshed out Trail Vision 2.0  prepared by the SCT board as a contribution to the upcoming design process.

We hope this document will get people thinking and help stimulate the community conversation to trail to assist in the design process. Hope to see you all on the 17th