35 to 40 mm of rain is expected today and tomorrow Wednesday.

In addition, the trail base is icy.

The presence of skiers/walkers on the Trail during these two days will make it harder for the maintenance team to get the Trail back on track once the cold weather returns on Thursday.

If they use the Pathway during this thaw and rain, users will have two main impacts:

  1. Increased use (snow compaction) will create more ice;
  2. Footprints will leave an uneven surface will become difficult for the maintenance team to work on.

Since it is important to facilitate drainage of the Trail, we rely on your cooperation to stay away from the Trail for these two days. The objective is to preserve the integrity of the Trail and to encourage the continuation of the season.

Following the Trail condition assessment by the maintenance team on Thursday, we will send you an update this Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation.