That’s  what you saw at the Chelsea Trails dance party on May 6, an exuberant celebration, and a great display of Chelsea’s generous community, but  it was also a heartfelt tribute by Richard’s wife, Catherine Morrison and the musicians, to a man they love and miss.  Five years ago, Catherine launched a dance party event in support of Chelsea Trails. This year, she gathered up the musicians and did it again…. only bigger.

Catherine, who is Katie Diamond on stage, brought her band and kick-started the B-sides band to build the event as a tribute to the musical memory of Richard Garlick, who died in 2011. Richard’s infectious enthusiasm for his music and his love of Chelsea’s trails shaped his life and spawned Chelsea Trails. He played rock, Cajun, Brazilian jazz, whatever he could find. And just one band wasn’t enough. He and his guitar fronted the B-sides, took the stage with  Les Poutine Étouffées and played his last performance at a house concert for SCT.

Thank you all for such an amazing gift for Chelsea Trails and a full on show of the power of love.