What a winter! Lots of extreme cold, but not much snow.  A classic ski track has been set and the winter trail is groomed every week between Farm Point and Mile Hill.  Our longtime community partners,  Rob Lafleur and Bob Walsh of Lafleur de la Capitale,  are working hard, but there has not yet been sufficient compacted  snow to get over the level of the rails and set the kind of track that makes the winter trail such a treat.  It will happen.

Sentiers Chelsea Trails has worked with the Municipality over the past several years to ensure the grooming of the Chelsea Community Winter trail over a distance of 16 km for skiing, snowshoeing, walking, running and sledding. We have also greatly appreciated the generous donations of residents and local businesses that help to offset the cost of maintenance.

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Our trail is a dog friendly zone.  Please ensure you follow up after your pooch and keep the trail clean.

Happy Trails!