One of Chelsea Trails’ primary objectives is to connect neighborhoods with trails so that community members can walk rather than drive to neighbours and points of interest. Recently, community members interested in re-establishing the historic trail connection from Adamson road to Ramsay road approached Chelsea Trails. Although this trail had been in place for decades, it had fallen out of use, and revitalizing it was a key achievement for Chelsea Trails this past year.

As part of re-establishing the trail, two neighbours kindly agreed to sign property owner agreements with Chelsea Trails and the municipality. These revocable agreements allow community members to cross private property along the path. In turn, trail users are obliged to be respectful of private property and neighbours as they use the trail.

From the outset, the goal was to provide a simple trail to allow single file walking, using natural materials so that it blended into the natural surroundings. Over two Saturday mornings this past fall, volunteers from Chelsea Trails and the neighbourhood worked on the trail using hand tools. Parts of the trail were relatively easy to re-establish, but a significant achievement was the introduction of stone stairs to make the path safe on what had previously been a slippery section of clay and rock. There is still a small amount of work at the top of the stairs to be completed next spring, but the great news is that the trail is open!

Chelsea Trails would like to thank all those community members who provided time and support. This significant achievement was made possible through the support of all property owners along the trail as well as almost 100 volunteer hours!