The railway corridor is a key element in our community.  We at Chelsea Trails have seen what a popular recreational asset it can be for our community through the ski trail grooming initiative launched several years ago.  And as the Active Transport Plan Master is being developed by the Municipality of Chelsea, with the support and input of Sentiers Chelsea Trails, the railway corridor is certainly being examined as a key potential structural element  of  an active transport corridor for the community.

Sentiers Chelsea Trails is not opposed to the tourist train project, but is aware that the rail corridor has now languished for three years without maintenance and should be put to the service of the community without further undue delay.  SCT Board member Alain Piche outlined our position in an article published in the LowDown on May 21, 2014

The conversion of the railway corridor into a community trail would bring changes to the community and is causing debate.  For the consideration of Chelsea residents on this issue, we will assemble some of the key information and comparative sources relevant to the discussion of conversion of the Chelsea railway corridor. 

A petition, recently created by a Chelsea resident, Tammy Scott has contributed to the debate around the future of the rail corridor. Comments made on the petition by residents of Chelsea  and the region are illustrative of public opinion .