The Municipality has extended the deadline until Friday, April 25, for feedback regarding the public consultations on the 2 Plans:

– the Parks and Green Areas Master Plan

– the Active Transport Master Plan

How to learn about the 2 master plans:

  1. You can read the consultant’s (Plania) plan by going to –> scroll down to “Apr07” then click on next 3 pages to get to April 07 event;  click on the link in the text to access the plans.
  2. Join us at our AGM next Wednesday, 7 May, 7pm at Farm Point Community Centre when we will be reviewing and discussing the two proposed master plans.

You can provide feedback by:

1. Printing off forms – but it’s 36 pages;

2. Picking up forms from Municipality offices;

3.  New option:  email your comments to Sophie Hubert at   [email protected].

Deadline is Friday, April 25

Main issues include: (Prioritize or comments)

– importance of trails – to develop a network of “nature paths” linking neighbourhoods to each other and schools, Centre Village, Gatineau River and Gatineau Park;

– bike lanes: designated cycling lanes;

– multi-use pathways;

– converting the railway into a community trail (in the event the train does not run);

– bike lanes on de la Montagne, Old Chelsea Road and chemin de la Mine

– importance of parks as meeting and socializing places (includes smaller, neighbourhood parks & Meredith, St. Stephen’s & Hollow Glen)

– access to Gatineau River; and access to Beamish Lake in Hollow Glen.