Public consultation for Master Plans Feedback Deadline Extended to Friday, April 25, 2014

The Municipality has extended the deadline until Friday, April 25, for feedback regarding the public consultations on the 2 Plans:

– the Parks and Green Areas Master Plan

– the Active Transport Master Plan

How to learn about the 2 master plans:

  1. You can read the consultant’s (Plania) plan by going to –> scroll down to “Apr07” then click on next 3 pages to get to April 07 event;  click on the link in the text to access the plans.
  2. Join us at our AGM next Wednesday, 7 May, 7pm at Farm Point Community Centre when we will be reviewing and discussing the two proposed master plans.

You can provide feedback by:

1. Printing off forms – but it’s 36 pages;

2. Picking up forms from Municipality offices;

3.  New option:  email your comments to Sophie Hubert at

Deadline is Friday, April 25

Main issues include: (Prioritize or comments)

– importance of trails – to develop a network of “nature paths” linking neighbourhoods to each other and schools, Centre Village, Gatineau River and Gatineau Park;

– bike lanes: designated cycling lanes;

– multi-use pathways;

– converting the railway into a community trail (in the event the train does not run);

– bike lanes on de la Montagne, Old Chelsea Road and chemin de la Mine

– importance of parks as meeting and socializing places (includes smaller, neighbourhood parks & Meredith, St. Stephen’s & Hollow Glen)

– access to Gatineau River; and access to Beamish Lake in Hollow Glen.

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