Start time at Larrimac                                                                                                                

for walkers and snowshoers             3:00pm (approx. 1.5 hrs)                                                                           

for skiers                                              3:30pm (approx. 1hr)                                                     

Join Bonfire at Meredith Centre        4:30pm                                                                   

The walk will start at Larrimac Golf Club on the railway ski trail, and proceed along the river past the Gatineau River Yacht Club (nearly half way) to the intersection of the trail and Church Street, just north of Chelsea village.   From there it’s a 15 minute walk up Church Street, across the 105 to the Pioneer Cemetery and along a path to the Meredith Centre.  As was the case for the original walk, along the way people will join the group as it progresses.

The walk will end at the Meredith Centre with a bonfire and potluck dinner. This will be accompanied by film and slides of last year’s Journey and will give an opportunity for First Nations guests and the community to talk about what the Journey of the Nishiyuu meant to them. A cash bar will be available.

Those unable to participate in the walk are welcome to join the festivities at the Meredith Centre.

In order for organizers to properly prepare it would be appreciated if those planning to attend would indicate this via e-mail to [email protected]. Please include the number in your group.

Those wishing to take part in the pot luck dinner are asked to bring a contribution. Please note that it will be a cold buffet. This can be dropped off at the Meredith Centre any time after noon on Sunday. Wood for the bonfire would also be welcome.

Organizers are still looking for volunteers to assist with “walk” activities and for events at the Meredith Centre. Those interested in helping out are asked to let organizers know at [email protected].

See you Sunday!