We will be surveying candidates in the upcoming municipal elections to gather information on their positions regarding active transport, trail protection and trail development in Chelsea.  The Low Down is publishing the survey and we will be posting the results.

We encourage Chelsea voters to ask candidates where they stand regarding these trail issues, and to take their positions into consideration when casting their votes on Nov. 3.

Our questions are:

1. Do you believe the Municipality should promote non-motorized active transport within its territory?

2. Do you believe all proposed sub-division projects in Chelsea should include a trail plan? 

3. What do you think are the main trail issues in the Municipality and in the ward you want to represent?

4. What concrete steps would you propose to advance the protection of existing trails and the building of new trails?

5. The Municipality has supported the grooming of a winter trail along the 15 km railway corridor for the past eight years. Would you continue municipal support for the winter trail?

6. If the tourist train does not run in the future, would you support the creation of a non-motorized trail along the Chelsea railway corridor?