Since early fall, the woods in the Cascades or northern sector of the Municipality have been buzzing with trail builders, hard at work on Chelsea Trails’ first trail building project. The trail corridor, approximately one km in length, stretches from the north end of chemin des Pommiers south to Route 105 just north of Pine Road on land  the municipality acquired when the Des Pommiers subdivision was approved.  The project is a partnership between the Municipality of Chelsea and Chelsea Trails; the Municipality has contributed land, tools and materials, and Chelsea Trails has provided project planning, trail design and volunteer labour.
As of October 20, four Saturday morning work bees have been held – over 30 individuals have volunteered approximately 150 hours of labour to help clear brush, move lumber and construct creek crossings. Doug Taylor, Chelsea Trails’ sector champion for the area, is heading up the build and he hopes the trail can be finished in time for the winter season, but that depends on the weather. He says future work will focus on completing the creek crossings, bench cutting and rock armouring.

Once this first trail is completed, our keen and highly motivated  trail building volunteers are looking forward to building connecting trails in future on adjacent municipal corridors

Volunteers are very welcome. If you are interested in helping on this project, please contact Doug Taylor at [email protected]